Relaxing Bathroom Accessories

If you have a couple of rooms upstairs away from everyone that is being used for storage, you may want to do something different by turning the rooms into a place to relax. Here are some ideas that might help you with your new project.

Relaxing Bathroom Accessories _.png

  1. Sliding doors, skylight, candles

You can put a large sliding glass door between the two rooms. Set your extra-large tub two steps up in the corner. Adding a skylight in the ceiling also a good idea, so the daylight will enter the room during the day and the stars will be seen at night. Remember to add mirrors around your tub with lots of candles on the ledge to make it more beautiful since candles are so pretty reflecting off the mirrors.  You also might want more light. Just put one or two fancy light fixtures in the ceiling or on the wall.

  1. Fireplace

You may want to install a fireplace on the opposite side of your glass. A more romantic and relaxing sensation can be felt with a fireplace in your bathroom. Put a picture on the ledge of the fireplace to go with your theme or add some more candles.

It is recommended to choose a theme before you start your new project. Having a theme will help you choose the mood and the color you like while enjoying your time.

  1. Large cabinet

Install a large cabinet at the end of your sink is probably a good choice too. You can set a microwave and mini-fridge in it to keep that wine cold when you are enjoying your relax time.

  1. Chair

If you still have another space in the extra bathroom, set a chair in it to sit down while putting on your lotions. A lot of lotions and oils and some smelly bubbles will help you relax and set the mood you are in. They should all be the same scent so that the smells all drift from one room to the next.

  1. Carpet

Be sure to get a natural color when choosing your carpet. In case you want to change your color later, you don’t have to change the carpet. Match it with the sink, counter, stool and tub too but try not to have the same colors as your flooring. Too much same color will make your bathroom looks boring. if everything is the same, it will also make you depressed sometimes. Mix and match everything as you like. Choose tile with small size such as 1×1. It will reduce the risk to slip when you’re getting out of the tub and down the steps. The smaller the tiles, then the risk will also less.

  1. Baskets

Do you like to read and relax at the same time? You can set a basket near the chair and lay some outdated magazines in it. Also add a bath pillow to fit one end of the tub and a magazine. Pour in the bubble, have a glass of wine and read. Doesn’t it sound cozy?

You should be creative when organizing your new bathroom. Set a plant on one corner of your tub or on a stand. They will get enough sunlight with the skylight there and the moisture is good for them too.

  1. Towel rack

So you still have more space and don’t know what to do about it. You can put a towel rack in for those special and fancy towel and washcloths you have in the cupboard. Fancy towels, oils and bubbles always make a person feel special.

Now all of your bath accessories are organized and put away. You can get that fancy and comfortable sleepwear you’ve always wanted and use it in your special rooms only. Put the lotion on with your sleepwear on as well will make the relaxation complete and very enjoyable for you. So have fun and enjoy!


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